Hire the best remote Developers & tech experts, save 50% on payroll

Find high quality pre-vetted remote talent with strong technical knowledge, communication skills, and availability in your timezone.

  • Highly qualified

    Our candidates are selected for their exceptional skills & qualifications for the most high demand tech roles.

  • Pre-vetted

    We conduct one on one assessment sessions with all our candidates, only adding the top few to our database.

  • Remote ready

    Our candidates are equipped and motivated to be a part of your team and work in your time zone.

Finding talent has never been this easy

No email sign-ups required to search candidate profiles. Simply browse our online platform, create your shortlist, and get in touch with us to schedule interviews.

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Search hundreds of candidate profiles for the most in-demand Development, DevOps, Data & Management roles.

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Get candidate career highlights, detailed skill set, experience and qualifications.

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Filter candidates based on experience level, employment term & timezone.


Easily create a shortlist of candidates.


Send us your requirements and we will get in touch with you to organize interviews.

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Before the interview

We will organise the candidates and any requirements that you may have.

After the interview

We facilitate you with the offer, negotiations, due diligence, and other requirements.

Contact us to learn more about the hiring process.

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Hire globally, pay locally

Our client services go beyond standard recruitment. Clients in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Singapore, and Australia can pay us in their local currency. We will take care of the international banking and payroll for the candidate(s).

Client FAQ

How it works?

Scout & Hire is a tech recruitment platform that makes it effortless for companies to find and hire highly qualified pre-vetted remote tech experts.

1. Search an unlimited number of candidate profiles based on roles, skills, experience, education & more.

2. Select candidates that fit your requirements and send us your shortlist to lineup interviews.

3. Interview shortlisted candidates within a few days and and hire the one(s) that meet your requirements.

Where is Scout & Hire based?

We are based in Melbourne, Australia with a support office in Karachi, Pakistan.

How do you select the candidates?

We select our candidates based on their academic qualifications, experience level, and skill set for the most in-demand tech roles.

We also evaluate their English language, cultural adaptability, work ethics, and remote work capabilities.

We are currently sourcing our candidates from Pakistan with plans to expand to other regional offshore and remote talent markets.

What services do you offer?

We offer two core services:


A one-time service whereby we find the talent for you.

International Banking & Payroll

An ongoing service where clients in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Singapore, and Australia can pay us in their local currency. We will take care of the international banking and payroll for the candidate.

What are your charges?

For recruitment, we charge a one-time fee of 25% of the first year's salary. Example: If you hire a candidate for a monthly salary of $2,000 per month ($24,000 per year), our one-time fee of 25% will be $6,000.

For international banking and payroll services, we charge a monthly fee of USD $200 per candidate (inclusive of bank charges).

NOTE: We offer a 30-day guarantee. If a candidate does not work out, we will find a replacement candidate at no extra cost. 

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