Candidate 75WYY6RX

Candidate 75WYY6RX

iOS Application development, iOS Design, iOS Development lifecycle, Android Application development

Experience: 4 - 7 years

Expected Monthly Salary:

Expected Salary $5,000.00 USD
Expected Salary Sale price $5,000.00 USD
Sale Sold out

Career Summary

A Mobile Application Engineer with  5+ tears of experience in Android and iOS. Experienced in Flutter and have worked on multiple popular Apps that have appeared on the App Store and Google Play store. Have experience of working with International teams in Sweden and the US. Also, experienced in QA and Backend Development.

Primary Skills

iOS Application Development, iOS Design, iOS Development lifecycle, Android Application development, Project management, Jira, Clubhouse, Swift 3, Swift 4, Swift 5, Kotlin

Secondary Skills

Flutter development, QA Testing, Backend development, Python, Java


    BSc in Computer Science

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