Candidate 9765X986

Candidate 9765X986

Fortinet EMS solution, IT Infrastructure Security, Vulnerability Exploitation and Defense

Experience: 0 - 3 years

Expected Monthly Salary:

Expected Salary $480.00 USD
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Career Summary

An Information Security Engineer who has experience in performing OS Hardening of Ubuntu and CentOS Vms. Prepared ISO 27001 Re Audit checklist. FortiGate Firewall Policy Configurations (Block and unblock websites, added explicit proxy to allow specific users to access any website that is blocked by firewall after authenticating as valid user, added IPS filter to block any incoming or outgoing DNS attack, added IPS filter to block any incoming attack on windows and Linux operating system, added IPS filter to block incoming Brute force login attempt on FTP service, added Web Application Firewall Signatures to block attacks on our web services such as SQLI, XSS, information gathering etc., Traffic Shaping, Blocking DOS, DDOS attempts, blocking VPN plugins on all browsers, blocked devices from using internet using their MAC address ). 

Also worked in security Hardening of FortiGate Firewall (Changed default usernames and Password, moved services running on ports to custom ports, increased account lockout time and decreased password retries to block brute force attempts, Firewall accessible from only internal work on a specific SSID) • Network Monitoring and Analysis using Forti Analyzer. Running a vulnerability scan daily on all endpoints using FortiClient EMS and then patching outdated software’s and removing any malicious file found. Worked on a DDOS attack attempt on all APs to check how our network responds to these attacks (i.e it must not choke and services should remain available) and ensure that DOS, Brute force, Death and DDOS attack attempts are being blocked by firewall successfully. 

After identification of new features on Forti Analyzer, has configured and integrated them with Forti Analyzer to improve security infrastructure. Exploring SolarWinds to configure as wireless intrusion detection and prevention system. • IP Cameras Security Scanning. Hypervisor Security Hardening (VMware ESXI and VMware vSphere vcenter). Forti manager configuration with Forti Analyzer. Wireless Network PEN Testing. Launched and verified DOS attacks on particular systems and on the network and disconnected the target from the internet using Ettercap. Performed MITM and sniffed login credentials of users accessing HTTP websites.

Primary Skills

Vulnerability remediation, Network Scanning and testing, VMware, Virtualization Security, Technical analysis, Digital forensics, Fortinet EMS solution, Firewall Maintenance, Web App PEN Testing, Security Assessment of apps and websites, IT Infrastructure Security, Cyber Security Implementation, New threat actors’ analysis, vulnerability assessment, malware Analysis using sys Internal tools, Vulnerability Exploitation and Defense

Secondary Skills

Software Department Representative in the company for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, IS0 45001:2018


      MS in Information Security


      ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Associate™ (Certification ID: 42073334351481) ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Associate™

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